The restaurant opens 6 am to 10 PM for our internal and external guests.


  • International menu with more than 200 incredibly delicious recipes.
  • You can have breakfast menu in the evening or dinner menu in the morning – only you decide what you eat, or when, or how much.
  • You can order a half portion of any dish.
  • We cook your food exactly the way you want, removing or adding ingredients of your choice.
  • You can take away any dish.
  • Our freshly squeezed juices contain nothing but freshly squeezed juices!
  • Enjoy food with the beautiful view of mountains.

 Surprising quality of service, comfort and attention to details.

  • Our waiters are friendly and speak English. They will dutifully and respectfully treat your wishes. At any time you can speak to the restaurant manager and tell him your requests, wishes, and thoughts – we work for you and we are always interested to know how well we do it.
  • We accept credit cards.

Your maximum enjoyment of the food is our goal, and we do everything possible to achieve it.